Bilal El Rayess

Bilal El Rayess Bilal El Rayess

Bilal started his career when he appeared as a contestant on the talent show broadcast Studio El fan in years 1996-1997 .He was first awarded with the golden Medal and distinctive award.

Al Rayess participated in many local and regional events, Mehrajan eid el shark (Dubai 1997), Mehrajan eid el jaish (Lebanon 1998), Mehrajanat El Jazaer (1997-1998), Mehrajan el Rakes el Sharki(1999).

During that period and till today, Al Rayess has released some single songs to name few: Wahdak Ala Bali, Malak Wallah, Wahashouni Einek, Lamma Bismaa Sawtik, Alli Sawtik.

Al Rayess, withdraw from the public events scene for a period of time but followed a disciplined path to continue his research on Arabic songs and bring an added value to his specialized education in the “Lebanese conservatoire” in the field of “Al Tarab”.

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