Maysam Nahas

Maysam Nahas Maysam Nahas

Mayssam Nahas is a famous lebanese singer who knew that she would be on stage one day. Indeed, in 1999, she began her career with a first single “Zein zein”, and “Nar Nar”, which quickly met a large success all over the Arab world once appeared.

Later on, she continued harvesting success with other singles such as “Bhibbak Bijnoun”, “Leila Dana”, or “Lamouni”.

She charmed her fans so much that everybody liked her albums, such as “Bonita” in 2005.

One year later, she recorded a second album, “Kadab Kibir”, which was an amazing success as well.

In 2008, Mayssam Nahas released her third album “Mahdoum”, to confirm her place of the pampered Arab star all around the Arab world.

Following that Mayssam released two hit singles “Bahebak” and “Hala Ahla Ersan”.

In addition to that Mayssam starred a series, which proved her acting skills in the series “Ossit Hobb”

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