Haifa Wehbe

Haifa Wehbe Haifa Wehbe

A dazzling beauty from Lebanon. Haifa has been able to capture the lime light through her stunning charm, captivating presence, eye-catching elegance and fascinating allure. This sultry charm has been her passport to the world of fame, fashion and music.
She is the beautiful Haifa Wehbe – top beauty queen, fashion model, singer, and actress.

She was the leading actress in one movie ‘Doukan Shahata’, directed by Khaled Youssef. Haifa has participated in many TV shows such as the reality TV show ‘Alwedi ‘on LBC channel.

Throughout her career Haifa won several awards such as: The Golden Lion in Egypt, Best Young Female Arab singer in Egypt, the Murex d’Or award with the title “Best Artist and many other local and international awards.

Some of Haifa’s hit songs are: “Ya Hayat Albi”, ”Ragab”, “Ya Ibnel Halal”, “Fakirni”, “Ana Haifa Ana”, “Baddi Eesh”,”Bous El Wawa”,…

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