Roula Saad

Roula Saad Roula Saad

Roula Saad, a Lebanese artist, began her career in 2003 with the her first song "Ala Da Lhal". Before that, she was working as a model collaborating with a large number of local and international designers, until she decided to go into the music field.

Roula appeared in the beginning of her career along with the artist Saber El Robai in two video clips "Itzakkartak" and "Hayyarouni” and she appeared in two TV shows titled “Al Kanez” and “Al Fousoul Al Arbaa”.

After three years of the issuance of her first album , she released a second album titled "Kol El Gharam” which was followed by a number of singles including "Amout Wa Ashouf",” Bi3idak ana", "Habibi" and "Nawihalou ".

In addition, Roula Saad was one of the first artists who stood alongside the amazing star Sabah in the duet "Yana Yana" that was met with great success, and Roula today is in the process of releasing the new album "Roula sings Sabah" containing songs for Sabah renewed in Roula’s voice.

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