Wissam El Amir

Wissam El Amir Wissam El Amir

Wissam El Amir is a Lebanese singer, song-writer and music composer. He started his career back in the 1960s, when he was still a student.

Wissam El Amir has composed many songs for different Lebanese and Arab singers such as Najwa Karam,Wael Kfoury, Zein El Omer, Nawal Al Zoghbi, Joseph Attieh, Dina Hayek… Most of his songs reached number 1 on the radio charts.

His passion for singing and composing made him one of the most famous composers in Lebanon and the Arabic world.

He has several hit songs “Ilak Maana W Ma Maana”, “Khallili Mazajak Rayik”, “Tallit Amar, “Bint El Jamaa”…

He plays different instruments and mainly the “Oud”, which is the favourite and dearest musical instrument to his heart!

Currently he is producing different songs and is in process of giving birth to numerous new and talented artists.

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