Georges Wassouf

Georges Wassouf Georges Wassouf

Georges Wassouf a Syrian artist and singer that inherited his beautiful voice from his mother and his sense of humor from his father  these two features made people adore Georges Wassouf.

His first event was in one of the most prestigious hotels, and further on he started singing in many events in Syria and Lebanon after that he started singing in casinos in different countries, and his fan base grew up so he had his fans following him everywhere. Georges nickname was “The Miraculous Singer” or “Miraculous Child”.

At the beginning of his career he used to sing songs of famous singers like Abd Al Halim Hafez,Oum Koulthoum, Wadih Al Safi,… which made more people fall in love with his music and adore his voice capabilities.

His fame started spreading more and more with his songs: “Al Habayeb”,”Dakket”,”Ala Al Abwab”,”Hilif Al Amar”,”Bit Atibini Ala Kilma”…

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