Nicole Saba

Nicole Saba Nicole Saba

Nicole appeared in the 1997 "Ainy" video clip with Hisham Abbas.After, she joined The 4Cats band with whom she released the 2 albums Tick-Tick and Layl Nhar back in 1998 and left in 2001.

She had a presenting experience in the Ramdan talk show "Argouk Sada2ni".

Nicole released her first solo album in 2004, produced by Alam El Phan.
Nicole was given the award for the best female singer 2004,2007,2009.

She played roles in 6 Egyptian films and have 1 experience in the Egyptian theater in a play called sms and 2 Egyptian series

Nicole performed with a lot of international stars in several countries like : Scorpions in Qatar, Sean Paul in Egypt, Tarkan in Dubai, Amr Diab, Tamer Hosny, Massari in Egypt, Mohamed Hamaki, Akcent Band & Antoine camaran in Egypt.

Filmography: El Tagroba Al Denemarkeya, 1/8 Dastet Ashrar, Kesit El Hai El Sha'aby, Amaliat Khasa, El Safah, Lelet El Baby Doll, amliat khasa, baba

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