Joe Raad

Joe Raad Joe Raad

Joe Raad had always dreamed of embracing a singing career, for he had travelled in his dream riding the notes on a musical score, refining his talent through studying to play the Oud(Lute) and the piano. Thus, he recorded some songs and video clips after which he decided to adopt the hair design career in which he achieved impressive and distinctive successes.

Although he attained excellence in the field of women hair design and earned the title of “The hairdresser of princesses and celebrities”, musical melodies never stopped seducing him and attracting him to the magical world of music, a moment when Joe decided to fulfill his dream and fight the midst of fancy. He decided to perform his hobby professionally this time singing “Nazra Minnak”.

This decision was made with the encouragement of the fine sensitive artist, Majed El Mohandes. He encouraged Joe Raad to benefit from his hobby and make his dream come true. Thus, the song “Nazra Minnak”, lyrics by Hani Abdel Karim, and music by Tamim and Sinan Akçil, was recorded in Majed El Mohandes’ studios in Cairo and filmed it in the Bahamas.

The renowned Joe Raad presents his hobby today to the public in the hope the latter shares with him his dream and joy in this experience. Despite enjoying this experience with his public, Joe is pursuing his successful achievements he built in founding his hair design institution and the branches he established in some Arab countries. 

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