Nicolas Osta

Nicolas Osta Nicolas Osta

He won the gold medal with distinction with special recognition in Studio El Fan 1988.

In 1991 he received the BS degree in Musicology from the University of the Holy Spirit, Kaslik, and he also participated in several plays, and presented Lebanon in more than 20 festivals with the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism.

His first song was a national “Aidi El Nazar” followed later by the song “Mayyel Ya Ghazal”. He renewed the song of Zakki Nassif “Sabbahna Wou Fajr El Eid”.

Nicolas made more than 30 journeys between Canada, America, Australia, Sweden, Brazil and neighboring countries. Radio Mount Lebanon reward him as the Star Festival, in 1994 and 1995 and he holds more than 60 medals in his homeland and in foreign countries. Nicolas has so far about 100 songs some of which are “Dak El Khatar”, “Ma Berda” ,”Sabaya Bladi” , ”Amali el wahid”...

He released in 2011 a new album entitled "Amali El Wahid," contains a collection of songs some of them are published.

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