Walid Toufic

Walid Toufic Walid Toufic

By the age of 17 years old, he became a professional ‘Oud’ player. His first appearance in public was in 1973 when he participated as a contestant in the famous TV show ‘Studio Al fan’.

He participated in the movies ‘Samak Beela Hasakk’ and ‘Zawaj ala Tarika Mahallia’.

His breakthrough was when he starred the movie “Man Yotfi Annar”, he sang his first song which was a great successful hit song ‘Enzel ya Gamil’. It is considered as the best starting song for an artist’s career of all times. He then started working with the long known composer Baligh hamdi who had the credit for introducing him to the world.

They together made many successful songs. Walid also acted in many other movies, and met many artists that influenced his career positively. His profile includes more than 500 songs, and 10 albums.

Some of Walid’s famous songs are Min Gheri Kalam, Abouki Min, Alo Alo, Ya Babour, Bahenelek, La Taawwidni Alek,…

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