Alaa Zalzali

Alaa Zalzali Alaa Zalzali

Alaa Zalzaly Lebanese Arab singer. Music was his passion; he studied in the conservatory (the national institute of music).

His career began when he was invited to his relatives wedding ceremony and he was requested to sing upon the desire of friends and when he did in fact , after the wedding ceremony , one of the ceremonies entrepreneur offered him to travel to Africa to sing for the Arab community and he stayed there a period of time then he returned and prepared the first tape .

From the beginning of his artistic track in 1990 and till now , he issued several albums : in 1990 , he issued the first album , titled “Tari2 Al Masir”.

Following that Alaa issues many albums some of which are “Shtaatilik”,“Hayati Moughamra”, “Ya Hanoun”, “Atrak”, “Miyyi Bl Miyyi”...

The last song Alaa released was a huge success entitled “Dalona”.

In his artistic life , there are many stops and big successes and the most important festivals he animated in the arab nation are: Tyr festivals, Charity and peace festivals, Carthage festivals, Dubai nights festivals, Muscat festivals, Bahrain festivals, Cannes festivals in France, Tadmor festivals.

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