Dominique Hourani

Dominique Hourani Dominique Hourani

In August 2005, Dominique took the Arabic music world by storm by filming her first clip for the song "Farfoura". After "Farfoura" Dominique released her first album "Etriss" with the the top hits "Ganeni", "Wawa Ah", "Etriss", "Aiwa Di Ana", "Garrab". With the extreme and fast success that her singles were able to achieve, her debut album "Atriss" went to number one and stayed there for weeks, selling millions all over the Middle East

.And after her hit song "Khachouka", Dominique traveled to America and held the Arab American Festival concert with more than 100,000 people attending.Dominique's second album in 2008 "Kermalik Ya Dominique" was ranked at the top of sales in Arab World. In 2010 Dominique and Ali El Dik had their first duet song "Natoor" another hit that stayed for more than 6 months at the top of the charts on radios and websites in various countries.

Being the most reclaimed song especially in Syria, Lebanon and Iraq, Dominique and Ali had a big summer tour achieving a huge success; Dominique was listed second by the number of summer concerts in the Arab world.

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