Fella Fella

Fella is an artist with the gravelly and melodious voice.

The Algerian and Andalusian folk music has allowed her to enter the world of Arabic music. Inspired by the melodious notes of the Andalusian Oud, she began very quickly in taking courses of Oud and piano, then at the age of 15 she made her debut as a singer in Algiers.

At 20, she went to London to study music in a broader sense. She then headed to Cairo and then Paris, where her career was reinforced. Over tour and contacts with musicians from the Middle East, this beautiful singer with vocalizations consolidated her repertoire.

Some of Fella’s hit songs are Tashakkourat, Lama Raeto, Enta Habibi, Ahla Al Maghna, Wala Hatta Thanya,…

In addition to that Fella is known for her Tarab songs and she also released a Tarab album called “Sahrat Tarab” which included songs such as Alli Gara, Lula Al Malama, Ana Bi Intizarak, Mistanniyak, and Fi Yom Wou Lela.

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