The 4 Cats

The 4 Cats The 4 Cats

The 4 Cats is a Lebanese group of 4 female singers. Ghassan Rahbani was the one behind the idea of creating such a band.

After a long and hard time looking for the perfect members of the group, Ghassan set his choice on the 4 current members of the band. Indeed, the members of the group were changed many times before finding the perfect combination.

In 1998, they released their first album ‘Tick-Tick’, two video clips were made from this first album ‘Ya Nassini’ and ‘Kan El-Zaman’. The album sold more than one million copies in the Arab World.

Two years later, they released another album ‘Layl Nhar’ followed by many hit albums such as ‘Tal Intizari’, “Ya Antar”, “Wallaat Kteer”,…

The 4 Cats is a successful band thanks to the attractive look of its four young members and thanks to the musical choices made by the notorious artists Elias and Ghassan Rahbani.

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