Mark Abdel Nour

Mark Abdel Nour is a Lebanese artist born in Der Doorit – Al Shouf.

He used to perform at school plays as a leading singer and performer, as he derives from a family that values music and art, knowing that his brother Amir Abdel Nour won the Gold Medal in Studio el Fan 1986.

Mark Abdel Nour started his carrier with various Lebanese and foreign Arab artists.

In 2000, Mark became a music arranger, and built up his own orchestra formed by the finest Lebanese musicians. Furthermore, he performed as a lead singer in numerous events and private parties, and was the conductor of Ramy Ayash and Myriam Fares’s orchestras for several years.

A selection of his work:

  • "Ashtaklik Wayay”- Ramy Ayash
  • "Enta Betoul Eih" and "Mashi Bi Rahtak" – Myriam Fares
  • "Ya Aassal" and "Baalbal Allah Yehmiki" for Saber Rebai
  • "Enta Meen" - Walid Toufic
  • “Allah chou Bhebak”- Mohamad Majzoub
  • "Karjit May" and “Tay el Sama”- Zein El Omr
  • "Kermalak ya Habibi”and “Hazzou men el Sama”- Ayman Zbib
  • "Law Gharrabouha”- Joseph Attieh
  • "Chou Hayda”and “Enti Tmanni w Omori”- Marwan Shamy
  • "Ya Kuweit”- Darine Hadchity
  • "Aaleha Oyoun" and "Nawilah" - Saad Ramadan.
  • "Senyn" - Cyrine Abdel Nour
  • "Bhebak ana bi Jnoun”- May Hariri
  • Georges Wadih EL Safi " 3ayb El Gharam "
  • "Habibi Fi Al Ghardaqa" - Amal Hijazi
  • "Tayyara” - Ziad Saleh
  • "Mosh Ktyr" - Ahmed El Sherif
  • "La Ghebt Snyn" - Sofia Marikh
  • “Zaghroun” - Bashar el Kaysi
  • "Enta ma Khalleit” - Imad Hawi
  • "Homma Yomein” - Fadi Harb
  • "Oulli el Zay” - Jad Choueiry
  • "Bayyaa el Wafa”- Nabil Ajram
  • "Allah la Yehremni Menak” - Nidal Nasr
  • "Aala Fikra” - Noura Rahhal
  • "Babi Daa” - Yehya Radwan
  • "La Tifakkir” and “Bayni w Bayno” - Rouwaida Attieh
  • El Denyi Em " Saad ramadan
  • Malak Betbos Alaya - Nour

In addition to the above, also arranged many songs for Joe Ashkar, and numerous other Lebanese and Arab Artists.

In 2011, Mark AbdelNour expanded his activities. He released his first single "Wadaani" written by Ahmad Mady, composed by Ahmad Barakat, and arranged by Mark himself.

Finally, Mark Abdel Nour is currently working on his second single " M2ade La Msade " 2013 written by Mounir Bou Assaf, composed by Hisham Boulos and also arranged by himself.

A video clip of his new single, under the direction of Sam Kayyal.

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