Hadi khalil

Hadi Khalil, a Lebanese artist and one of the distinguished artists in Folklore music. He won the "‫كأس النجوم‬" program in the musician Melhem Barakat episode in 1999

he already has won in the category for playing in "‫استديو الفن‬" program.  sang a duet with singer Maya Nasri : "‫إenta habib ouyouni‬ " and "‫akher hammi‬".
He started many concerts and festivals in Lebanon and abroad, and was the most successful in Tunisia .

his best of : "habib omri "‫ya tayr‬" "‫ma ba3ref‬","ehna habayeb‬" and "‫ejrahni‬".His latest release,

a song titled"tayr al sounounou‬" with lyrics and music by Maroun Rohana and Wissam al Amir.

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