Jihad Wehbeh

Jihad Wehbe Jihad Wehbe

Jihad Wehbe is a music composer, arranger and one of the premiere live soloist guitar performers in the Arab World. He won the Gold Medal for 'best guitar player' from Studio el Fan on LBCI in 2002 and he has been awarded with many certificates of appreciation from the International Association of Lions Club District 351, Byblos International Festival as well as many Cultural Associations.

Jihad studied music in the Lebanese National Higher Conservatory of Music. Becoming an outstanding musician, he started performing a guitar show, solo as well as along his band, arranging with a special technique between his own style of music and various other styles; Latino, Gypsy, Spanish, Oriental and more. Jihad has been invited to perform at different festivals and numerous prestigious events and ceremonies in theaters and luxurious hotels & resorts around the world. 

This exceptionally talented artist has attracted a wide audience of notable political/ social figures as well as journalists and critics and artists with his music abilities. 

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