Zaher El Baba

Zaher El Baba Zaher El Baba

A Singer,Composer, and Musician Zaher El Baba.

Zaher won the Silver Medal in Nojoom Al Moustaqbal in 1995 for playing guitar
Also won the Golden Medal in addtion to Simon Asmar Trophy in Studio El Fan in 1996.

In 2001 he started composing small music pieces and after that he moved to composing songs for well known arab singers like “Hat Edak” Eliane Mahfouz, “Ma Bta’arfni” Darine Hadchiti ,”Beainak Shok” Assi El Helani, “Sa’at” Zein El Omer, “Wala Fe Ahlam” Iwan, “Iza Fiki” Ayman Zbib, “Dana Wana” Ramy Ayash…

He is a left handed guitar player who is known for his exceptional guitar solos that combine oriental and western tunes.

Having a marvelous voice Zaher also composed some of his own songs as like “Wala Lahza” and “Ya Rafik El Darb”.

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