Grace Deeb

Grace Deeb Grace Deeb

Grace sings in 7 languages being Arabic, French, English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese and Greek.

She has 3 albums: Ghannali (2004), Aktar min Gharam (2006), Ma Bteshbah Hada (2008)

On the 21st of May 2010, Grace Deeb made an international duo with the international singer "Helene Segara", they both sang in French and Italian...

Her first appearance on TV was in the well-known duo “W In Kan Alayya” in 2003 with the Arabian singer Assi El Helani. After that, Grace collaborated with Jean-Jacques Goldman who named her as "Dalida of the Arabs" in the song that changed records and made her famous locally and internationally Comme Toi (French/Arabic) and then its English/Arabic version Calling You.

In 2009, Grace got named "Ambassador" of Anwar Al-Mahabba Foundation which takes care of people suffering from AIDS (HIV).

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