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Al Majd Folklore

Al Majd Folklore Al Majd Folklore

Al Majd dance group was established in Baalbeck.

Its aim is to spread the theater’s artistic language, to preserve the popular folklore, to enhance the creative talents and to help achieving constant social and economical situations through promoting the tourism in "the city of the sun" Baalbeck.

Aside from appearing with famous artist like Majida Al Roumi and Assi El Hellani, Al Majd dance group performed in many important festivals: France 2009, 2010 and 2011; Indonesia 2008; Qatar 2007; Jordan - Jarash 2007; Morocco 2008; Algeria 2008 and 2011; Egypt - Cairo from 2006 to 2010; Tunis - Carthage 2009; Syria - Basra Sham 2009; Dubai 2010.

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